Solutions to Galaxy S8 won’t turn on and black screen issues

Hello guys and welcome to our latest read for the #GalaxyS8! Today we’re bringing you some troubleshooting tips and possible solutions to one of the common problems in any smartphone. Not being able to turn on your phone can be a frustrating issue, if not a sure source of panic for some. We hope that

Galaxy S8 Plus screen randomly turns black on its own

This troubleshooting article addresses two power issues about the #GalaxyS8Plus. The first case in this post talks about an S8 Plus with a curious black screen issue. The other problem is about an S8 that has become totally unresponsive after charging for several hours. Keep reading to know more what you need to do if

How to fix an unresponsive Galaxy S8 [troubleshooting guide]

Do you have an unresponsive #GalaxyS8? This troubleshooting guide should tell you what to do. There’s not much variations for this kind of issue so the solutions we provide here can also be applied across other Samsung devices. Be sure to let us know if they are effective solutions or not. Problem: Galaxy S8 is