Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge won’t update to Nougat, keeps showing “Unfortunately, Software Update has stopped” error [Troubleshooting Guide]

It seems that many #Samsung Galaxy #S7Edge owners are plagued with an issue that prevents their devices to update to the latest Android #Nougat firmware. The error message “Unfortunately, Software Update has stopped” is reportedly preventing their devices from successfully downloading the firmware and therefore, installation would never be possible. I will tackle this error

Solutions to Galaxy S7 battery drain issue, other issues

A few months after the #GalaxyS7 was released, we were already getting reports of battery drain issues so this post is written to partly address it. Due to space limitations for every post, our suggestions regarding this topic is not exhaustive. We want to focus instead on the basic and often overlooked solutions for this

How to transfer files from Galaxy S7 to a PC, other issues

For those of you who sent us requests for assistance regarding #GalaxyS7 and #GalaxyS7edge, check this article out to see if we have a resolution for you. We plan on posting more materials about Galaxy S7 issues in the coming weeks so watch out for them. Below are the specific topics addressed here today: How