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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Power Issues

  Most of the time we encounter charging, battery, and other power related issues with our #Samsung #GalaxyS6Edge device. May it be minor or a major one; this is the kind of problem that we need to find a solution ASAP as it prevents us from using the device completely. Below are some of the

Galaxy S6 Edge stops internet connection when browsing, other issues

Samsung’s #GalaxyS6Edge is a great phone in its own right and we only receive lesser amount of mails from our readers asking for help regarding this device compared to the S6. However, one such issue caught our attention so we decide to publish it together with other #GalaxyS6 problems. Below are the specific topics mentioned here

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Can’t Connect to a PC

Hello Android users! Here’s a write up about issues encountered by some of you who attempted to connect a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to a PC. The most common is the phone not being recognized by the PC which I have elucidated in detail. If you happen to encounter this problem, here’s the basic thing