Galaxy S4 unable to hear voice of caller, other issues

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Unlocked Sprint Galaxy S4 won’t detect SIM card, other issues

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Galaxy S4 won’t update to Android Lollipop, other issues

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Galaxy S4 connection drops when using Facebook app, other issues

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Galaxy S4 freezes and becomes unresponsive during calls

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S4 May Begins Shipping from Late April

Samsung announced their much awaited flagship smartphone a couple of weeks ago and announced that the phone would be available in the last week of April although the specific details and dates were not made available.  If you are among the millions all around the world eagerly anticipating the S4, you may not know when

US Buyers Get Raw Deal on Galaxy S4 – Again

US, Canada and Sweden markets to get S4 packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 Processors and not the octa-core processor that other markets will be getting. Last year, when Samsung launched their very successful Galaxy S3 smartphone, customers who were eagerly anticipating the smartphone in the US were very disappointed because the company decided that the US

Samsung Ditches Exynos and AMOLED in Galaxy SIV

It is official! Samsung is going to make a ‘big announcement’ in New York in two weeks on March 14th, and all indications point at a new Samsung Galaxy device, maybe with other goodies, but the highlight of the moment will probably be the company’s next flagship device.  Rumors of the SIV surfaced even before

5 Reasons to Wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Anyone who is abreast with all the developments in the telecommunication industry especially when it comes to smartphones will tell you that the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone was an instant game changer when it was launched.  Although there were some smartphones with far better hardware specs than the SIII after it was released, the phone

Samsung to retain physical home button on the Galaxy S IV

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV is one of the most anticipated flagship smartphones in 2013. We have a lot of upcoming Android smartphones, but Galaxy S IV is getting most of the attention due to the enormous success achieved by the predecessor, Galaxy S3. There’s of course no official word on the device, but thanks

Galaxy SIV to Feature Gesture-based interface; No S-Pen

The Samsung Galaxy SIV happens to be one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2013.  With its rumors surfacing as early as one week after the launch of the Galaxy SIII, this next Samsung flagship has dominated rumor categories of weblogs but it appears it’s becoming more real as time passes.  One of the newest