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Samsung Galaxy S IV to sport a mobile health pad accessory

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV is undoubtedly the most anticipated smartphone that will be coming to the market this year. The predecessor, Galaxy S III, still happens to be a hot product, so you can just imagine what kind of response the S IV will be receiving. Samsung Galaxy S IV being a flagship

More pics from Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV is the most anticipated Android flagship phone that will be launching soon. According to the rumors, the device is set to be unveiled at an event on March 15th, and should be made available at the beginning of April. The reason for the amount of hype surrounding this particular flagship device

Samsung to retain physical home button on the Galaxy S IV

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV is one of the most anticipated flagship smartphones in 2013. We have a lot of upcoming Android smartphones, but Galaxy S IV is getting most of the attention due to the enormous success achieved by the predecessor, Galaxy S3. There’s of course no official word on the device, but thanks

Samsung is a smart phone manufacturer which works on a very strict time to market concept. It the company misses a product release window, it would become difficult for the company to get back the market share and the profits that it would be expecting out of a product. To meet the time to market window, one needs to plan out everything properly, and work accordingly. For example, the South Korea based smart phone manufacturer has already registered a bunch of names for its upcoming smart phones, but it is not known if any of these smart phones are actually in the making. The South Korean based smart phone manufacturer, Samsung, has filed United States trademarks for the following names: Galaxy S Kit, Galaxy S Mate, Galaxy S Impact and Galaxy S Act. These could be the possible names of the upcoming Samsung Android smart phones. Since the line of smart phones is Galaxy S branded, these could be in the upper mid range sector of the smart phone market. Not just this, the South Korean company is also working on registering the name ATIV Zexy trademark in Europe. And since this is ATIV branded, it is going to be name of a Windows Phone smart phone. But again, there is no idea if there is a smart phone in the works to bear this name. Samsung needs to get a good market share in the United States this quarter. It is good to know that the company managed to get a 2.3 per cent increase in its market share in the United States. But if it manages to continue to be on the rise, soon the company will be over the Cupertino tech giant and its iPhone. Apple has managed to get a steady 2 per cent rise in its market share in the previous quarter ending December, 2012.

Samsung Project J has apparently 3 separate devices

After the success of Samsung Galaxy S3, the sequel S IV is supposed to be the most anticipated devices that will be launched by Samsung this year. It’s a flagship device, and there’s no official information on the device. There are a lot of rumors about Samsung Galaxy S IV, but here’s an interesting one.

Samsung Galaxy S IV to have wireless charging

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 was a big hit and S3 was sold even more, in fact S3 was even said to be the best Android device ever made. Anyhow, Samsung is a great manufacturer when it comes to smartphone and one of the most anticipated device launches from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy S IV. The