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Galaxy S4 S Beam Can’t Transfer Music

Some users have been complaining about their Samsung Galaxy S4 S Beam due to its inability to transfer music files despite being able to share videos and pictures successfully. Based on a thread in the Verizon Wireless forums, this appears to be a software limitation on the part of the device which I personally find

Galaxy S4 S Beam

More Galaxy S4 S Beam Problems and Solutions

Last time, we have discussed about the possible causes of the sharing problems concerning the Galaxy S4 S Beam together with their possible solutions. In this article, we will cover more problems concerning that particular feature of the Galaxy S4 like not being able to open the shared file and not being able to initiate

Galaxy S4 S Beam

Solutions to the S Beam Unresponsiveness in Samsung Galaxy S4

The S Beam is definitely a useful app for the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is an app based on the features of the Android Beam. S Beam allows users to share contents with others who possess compatible devices through near field communication (NFC) or Wi-Fi. Despite its promising features, some users encounter problems with the

Samsung Launches Galaxy S III Christmas Ad,

With the Samsung Galaxy S III breaking record sales, it is without a doubt one of the most popular Android smartphones available. Not only that, but it is the very first time where a Samsung device has been able to compete with the iPhone with sales numbers. Surely the numbers that Samsung has seen with

Galaxy Note II: Features To Look Forward To

The Galaxy Note 2 has just released today for T-Mobile customers, and it will soon be releasing for AT&T customers as well on November 9th. As manufactures move forward with better hardware specifications, devices are beginning to look very similar when it comes down to the hardware side of things. With that said, companies are starting to