Digg Reader arrives as another RSS alternative on Android

Digg surprised a lot of RSS users when they announced they were making their own reader, after Google announced their Reader would be retiring a month later. AOL also developed an RSS reader in light of Google Reader’s retirement. Digg Reader was released little under two months ago for the web and iOS. Betaworks, the


Google Reader officially laid to rest

Google Reader is no more, the RSS reader has been officially laid to rest, as Google looks to the future. They announced the closure of Google Reader about a month ago, but it came with a massive backlash, users went to Twitter to hashtag the service off, with RIP Google Reader hitting the top of the


Digg Reader for iOS rollout is complete, now Web version

Digg Reader for iOS is complete and now the company will begin bringing the Web version out to the million who signed up. The official figures are around 3.3 million Digg Reader users. Digg integrated the RSS reader into the original app, meaning anyone who used Digg for iOS at the time got the update.


Facebook developing Flipboard-style RSS news reader

We recently reported Facebook is developing their own RSS reader and it was set for June 20 release, this date never brought any reader from Facebook, instead Instagram got video features to rival Vine. The reader project may not be false, with WSJ reporting Facebook is developing a Flipboard style reader and has been working


AOL will introduce another Google Reader replacement on June 24

AOL is set to be the next old company to release a new RSS reader, in light of Google Reader closing. It seems odd that Digg, AOL and possibly Facebook could be developing an RSS reader, especially since the reason for Google Reader shutting down was lack of revenue. However, we have seen positive movements

Facebook RSS Reader to be released at June 20 event

  Facebook press invites have never been very open to what is coming, but new reports from sources say Facebook could be ready to reveal a new RSS reader. We are not sure how big this reader will be, it could just take advantage of hash-tags and sponsored/highly viewed stories or it could be a

Feedly gears up to replace Google Reader, reveals roadmap

Feedly released a roadmap that details how it will help consumers move easily from Google Reader into their service. Feedly says that such roadmap is a collaboration with users, who provided the necessary feedback and suggestions. The roadmap shows the RSS feed aggregator’s top priorities. These are speed, search within Feedly, pure web access, Windows