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Facebook RSS Reader to be released at June 20 event

  Facebook press invites have never been very open to what is coming, but new reports from sources say Facebook could be ready to reveal a new RSS reader. We are not sure how big this reader will be, it could just take advantage of hash-tags and sponsored/highly viewed stories or it could be a


Facebook could be developing its own RSS Reader

Following the news of Google Reader closing, many companies, including Digg, have announced sufficient work will be done in the field to develop a new Reader for the masses. Facebook could be a part of the group developing a new RSS Reader, even though most of the Google Reader populace have switched to Feedly, Reeder


Digg ready to bring Google Reader replacement by June

We recently heard Digg wanted to grab a slice of Google Reader’s lost userbase. Google announced RSS feeder was closing on July 1st, surprising many faithful users of the RSS service. However, Feedly, Reeder and other solutions have gained a lot of popularity in the past few weeks because of Google Reader closing. Digg may

3 RSS Applications You Should Try

If you follow a lot of websites and are on the go a lot, you may want to consider looking into an RSS application that will allow you to keep all of the websites you follow in one place. I personally stick with Google Reader on my phone due to how laid back and easy