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Angry Birds Space Update: Samsung Galaxy Specials

The Angry Birds Space launch is less than 7 hours away (4:00am ET/1:00am PT), with that we want to make sure you have all the information you need to know. Why are we treating this like an i-device launch? Well because if Angry Birds was a tangible good we’d be lined up for blocks to

Rovio Working On A Follow Up Hit To Angry Birds

Earlier this week our good friend Ina Fried from allthingsd was Tweeting from Finland. While over there she stopped by for a chat with Rovio Mobile’s CEO Mikael Hed. The face of Rovio Mobile is usually their marketing guy Peter Vestabacka, who goes by “Mighty Eagle”. In the sit down with Hed, they talked about

Angry Birds Teases Something New And Big As Halloween Approaches

Last year, Angry Birds was all the rage. Angry Birds Seasons, Halloween edition kicked off a seasonal ritual of getting new season themed levels for the mega hit mobile game. In a video just published by Rovio the Angry Birds are wearing familiar Halloween garb which pretty much gives away the fact that we are

Rovio Mobile Thinks They’ll Make A Billion Bucks

Rovio Mobile, the Finnish company that brought the world Angry Birds, is on a roll.  Earlier this year they received a round of funding from the likes of Accel Partners, who were one of the earlier funders of Facebook.  That round also included an investment from Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom. Rovio has experienced millions and

Angry Birds Mine And Dine Adds 15 New Levels

We know you’ll love this! The Angry Birds Mine and Dine update that was recently released on iOS has made it’s way over to Android. While some websites are reporting the update includes 45 levels it looks like it only includes 15 new levels and of course still no sign of “Mighty Eagle” for Android.

Google Removes Malicious Angry Birds Cheats From Market

Google has removed over 10 Angry Birds cheats apps after finding that they contained malware. Most of the infected files contained the spyware program called Plankton which takes important information from your phone and delivers it back to their own servers. The information that Plankton takes includes your IMEI number, browser bookmarks and browser history.

Bet You Can’t Guess The Next Rovio Mobile Game?

The fine, creative, thought leading developers at Rovio Mobile have been working hard through lent on the next big game to come out of Finland… and it is… Angry Birds Season’s Easter Edition.  Did we even need to tell you that? The birds and pigs are back with a vengeance trying to escape the pots

Angry Birds Rio For Android Releasing Exclusively Through Amazon

If you remember back to when the Angry Birds, ad supported edition, arrived at Android, it was first introduced via Getjar, one of the largest independent app distribution channels in the world. Well Rovio has now announced that the next incarnation of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, will be released exclusively via the new (soon

Angry Birds And Rovio Mobile’s Mighty Ego

If you try something 50 times you are either going to go insane or eventually have a hit right? That’s what Rovio Mobile did with Angry Birds. Prior to the Angry Birds phenomenon Rovio Mobile had 50 mediocre at best titles on multiple devices. So of course when they have that one hit they’re going

Angry Birds’ Seasons St.Patrick’s Day Ready!

If you’re not headed to South By Southwest and you were thinking it would be a lazy weekend, think again.  The eagles over at Rovio Mobile have uploaded Angry Birds Season’s: St. Patricks Day, to the Android market. In this new version the birds and the pigs are dressed in their St. Patricks day best.

Angry Birds Headed To Facebook And The Pigs Are Pissed

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about playing Angry Birds with a mouse or trackpad rather than a touch screen but we shall see. Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio Mobile has officially said that Angry Birds is coming to Facebook in May. Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio told Wired magazine that the  “The pigs will