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How to Block Verizon Updates Successfully

If you happened to be running a rooted or unlocked Android phone, it is important for you to block Verizon updates that come over the air. This is because choosing to receive and install the updates will definitely screw up your apps or the overall system of your device. The worst thing that could come

More Trouble For Rooted Devices

Recently, we came to find out that rooted devices will not be able to rent movies using Google’s new movie rental system. While this is an understandable move on Google’s end is does leave rooted users in a funky situation. Do you choose between movies or the freedom of a rooted device? Well, unfortunately Google is

Android Market Movie Rentals Unavailable For Rooted Devices

While rooting your Android device gives you so many possibilities it also can cause some small irritating obstacles. One such example of this involves the ability to rent movies on a rooted Android device. Earlier this year Google introduced their movie rental service. However, us rooted users get a message from Google whenever we try to utilize this feature,