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Tips on Managing the Internal Storage of the Samsung Galaxy S4

If your Samsung Galaxy S4 is already running low on internal storage memory (ROM), you will no longer be allowed to install new apps and download contents. In addition, you will not be able to save new files. Your messages will not be automatically stored to your phone and storing photos and videos taken from

Nexus 7 (2012)

Unofficial Android 6.0 ROM now available for the Nexus 7 (2012)

The 2012 #Nexus7 is officially out of Google’s software support umbrella with the device getting the axe after the introduction of #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow. While this move is not surprising, it has obviously disappointed a lot of users. But knowing the Android dev community, it was only a matter of time before a solution was found. And now,

Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets a stable CM11 based Android 4.4 ROM

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was written off from Google’s official update cycle, the developer community showed no signs of giving up on the two year old Nexus flagship. The sad story of Galaxy Nexus users signing a petition against Google’s decision led to nothing, so it was about time the developers did something.

Nexus One

Nexus One and Nexus S get Android 4.4 ROMs from XDA

The first ever Nexus smartphone was launched by HTC back in 2010 which went by the name of Nexus One. This was followed by the Samsung made Nexus S in late 2010. Both smartphones have long been out of Google’s official update cycle, but the developer community hasn’t rested for a second. Developers at XDA


Galaxy Tab 8.9 unofficially updated to Android 4.3

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, support for the old Galaxy Tab 8.9 stopped and the tablet became little more than shelf space, originally running Honeycomb 3.0 and updated to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 a little later. The XDA Developer community has yet to give up on Samsung’s old tablet, with a new


Unofficial Android 4.3 ROM now available for the Sony Xperia Z

A developer named Taylor_Swift has managed to create an Android 4.3 ROM for the Sony Xperia Z from Google’s Android 4.3 system dumps. This comes as a surprise as Google hasn’t made Android 4.3 public yet. But that doesn’t stop modders from grabbing files together to create a working ROM. As you would imagine, Android

Miui Rom Breaches 10 Million User Mark

One of the great things about owning an Android device is that you can customize it any way that you want to. That’s why you see various ROMs available for download that not only changes the appearance but the features of your device as well. One popular ROM is Miui which has just recently surpassed

HTC Thunderbolt Official Android 4.0 ROM Leaked

The official Android 4.0 ROM for the HTC Thunderbolt has been leaked by Team BAMF on their forum page. The Thunderbolt was the first LTE smartphone on Verizon’s network, but sadly that wasn’t enough to make it a success. The device was plagued with an array of problems which made it a pain for early


Stock ROM Image Released for Verizon Galaxy S III

With the dark clouds in the form of Apple yet to get away from the horizon before Samsung can say this is smooth sailing from now on, they have some good news, at least for the time being. The Samsung Galaxy S3 now has a stock ROM for the Verizon version. This means we could

Baidu Unveils ROM for its Own Android Smartphones in China

Baidu, a China-based web service provider, has unveiled a new ROM that will replace Google’s services on Android smartphones. Previously, the company had relied on Google for some services such as its search engine and cloud services. Now, with the new ROM, Baidu offers services similar to Google’s, giving users a more personalized and complete

New Malware Found In Chinese Secondary Android App Markets

Chinese users of Android are facing a new malware threat that can be rather serious. However, if you’re not in China there is nothing to worry about so don’t panic. The new malware goes by the name of RootSmart. The malware infects phones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is found in some secondary Chinese app