GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas hitting Android in December

The popular cult game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will soon makes its way to your Android smartphone or tablet according to a release by Rockstar Games. Unlike traditional PC to Mobile ports, the GTA: San Andreas app on Android would apparently be slightly different and would feature an “enriched color palette“. Rockstar Games is

Review: Max Payne Mobile

Available On: Android, iOS Price: $2.99 Download: Google Play | iTunes Max Payne Mobile is another title that was created by Rockstar Games. This title is less pricey but also is packed full of content and a thrilling storyline. In the game, Max is fighting a “battle he cannot hope to win.” You may see

Max Payne Delayed A Week Or Possibly More

Earlier this month we reported that RockStar Games was bringing their next big hit, Max Payne to Android devices. This follows the success that the console game publisher had with porting their hit Grand Theft Auto to Android earlier this year. Max Payne was originally supposed to launch on Thursday however the developer has now

Rockstar Hit LA Noire Now Available For Android Via OnLive

If you’re into gaming and you’re not on the OnLive platform you’re missing out. OnLive’s cloud based gaming system is bringing huge hits with amazing game play to Android tablets and smartphones via the cloud. The service offers inexpensive games, free trials and games that you pay to play. There’s something for everyone. The latest