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Robotics could be the next frontier for Android

  “Robots will become omnipresent in our lives in a good way,” said Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt at the Oasis: The Montgomery Summit in Sta. Monica, CA. Discussing robotics and artificial intelligence, Schmidt said that automation will “replace a lot of the repetitive behavior in our lives.” He added that this is by virtue

Robots Could Be The Key In Improving The U.S. Economy

The time may have finally come wherein robots may be tapped to save the US economy from the limbo it has recently found itself in, a report on Georgia Tech said. Henrik Christensen, Georgia Tech’s KUKA Chair of Robotics in the College of Computing, said that robotics technology may be as ubiquitous as the computer

Top 5 robots of all time

The robotics field is advancing very rapidly. Recently, folks at MIT managed to create a soft autonomous robot called Meshworm, which works like an earthworm and is able to resist most of the bashes, drops and rough terrain coming on its way. Like an earthworm which depends on its body compression and contraction to move