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“RO5 – Invalid SIM” error on Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S7

[Deal] Samsung Galaxy S7 for $559.99

The #Samsung #GalaxyS7 can now be purchased for $559.99 from eBay. This is an incredible discount on a product such as this one, especially since it’s a new device. It’s rare to find price discounts on smartphones that have just been released, so we urge you to make the most of it, until you can. The

“RO5 – Invalid SIM” error on Galaxy S6, more connectivity issues

Our post for today discusses internet and connectivity issues on #GalaxyS6. We look forward to helping our Android community via this post. These are the topics for this article: “RO5 – Invalid SIM” error on Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 keeps getting disconnected from PC Telekom Romania Galaxy S6 not detecting 4G LTE network Download status