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Are Smartphones Killing The Ipod?

Before the iPod there was this thing called the Rio player, I had one and I think it held like 8 maybe 16 songs, not gb not mb songs… Then in a plan to inch his way back to the top of the company he co-founded, Steve Jobs and the folks at Apple released the

Angry Birds Rio Coming To Android Market

When the Amazon Appstore debuted, one of the most talked about apps was Angry Birds Rio which was exclusively available at the Appstore. Well, the exclusive game is going to also be available on the Android Market. Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, announced today that after they fix a couple of bugs they will

Angry Birds Appearing In Superbowl Ad With Special Unlock Code

We can say Superbowl in this story because Rovio’s Angrybirds franchise will be featured in an advertisement in this years Super Bowl.¬† Although Rovio Mobile has been doing better than awesome this year, 20th Century Fox is picking up the tab for this $3 million dollar ad to promote the upcoming animated feature Rio. Rovio

Angry Birds Headed To The Big Screen

You know we have an affinity for those cool birds that take out the pigs, enough to even give them their own category so today we’ve got some big Angry Birds news. Rovio mobile has teamed with the cool folks at 20th Century Fox to put out a new version of the world’s greatest app,