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RIM – dropping market share, stock prices, sales figures. Everything but the Co-CEO’s

Research in downward Motion – Proving once again that they are going nowhere fast.  Research in Motion was once a massive force in the wireless industry.  The fanboys were fat cat bankers, government officials, business executives, or celebrities.  It was THE phone.  It was so well loved that it gained a drug-moniker as a nickname.  Crackberry.

Those days keep falling further and further into the rearview mirror of modern cell phones.  Today it’s either Android or iOS.  The mighty giant has fallen.  The signs of complete and utter failure on nearly all levels have been covered by our good friends over at with those in the know sharing their thoughts and emails.  The two-headed monster of a CEO has made a fool of itself a number of times in the past few months.  Products have been delayed, or in the case of the Playbook, should have been delayed.

RIM stated during their earnings call that the sales of their older lower-end devices fell “short of expectation.”  Really?  Short of the expectations of whom, exactly?  Your Co-CEO’s?  Analysts?  The public?  Supposedly it is all of the above.  I certainly hope this does not come as a surprise.

When I first heard of the Playbook I was excited, honestly.  I thought that the QNX operating system looked very good, it was new thinking, pushing the very square envelope over at RIM.  It had some potential.  Then it was released with the need to connect it with Blackberry phones and without email, calendar, and the only hot feature RIM had BBM.  The dropped the ball.  Unlike our beloved OS, Blackberry users are not typically accepting of half-baked snacks.  A Blackberry needs to work out of the box.


Android Coming To RIM/Blackberry Playbook Next Month

RIM is recovering from a really bad quarter. The Waterloo Canada based company missed their mark for Playbook sales badly.  They are preparing a major update and overhaul to their flagship tablet.

The long awaited update to the Blackberry Playbook tablet will bring native email, calendar, contacts and the Android app player. Once the Android app player is loaded onto the Playbook, Playbook users will have access to hundreds of thousand of Android apps and games.  The major update is said to occur after RIM has their developer conference in San Francisco where they are said to be showing off even more new hardware.

From the time we’ve spent with the Blackberry Playbook it’s a nice little piece of hardware and the potential for Android games and apps to run on the device itself may make it worth giving it a second look. It was reported a couple weeks ago that both BestBuy and Staples have slashed their prices on the Blackberry Playbook.

Source: Pocket-Lint

comScore: Android Still On Top

The latest comScore numbers are out and Android is of course still on top.  Smartphones as a whole increased a full 10%  from April 2011 to 82.2 million.  Google’s Android operating system increased  from 36.4% to 41.8% while Apple’s iOS moved up one percentage point from 26% to 27%.

Both Android and iOS’s increase were at the expense of RIM’s Blackberry operating system. RIM saw their numbers dip from 25.7% to 21.7% in the three month quarter.  Microsoft also saw a decline from 6.7% to 5.7% and the Microsoft number includes WP7 and versions of Windows Mobile before that.   The latest comScore numbers are echoing what we’ve already heard from NPD and Nielsen and also the monthly Mobile Mix report by Millennial Media.

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Samsung Taking On iMessage & BBM With ChatOn

Hey BBM loyalists who are sticking with RIM just for BBM chat, Samsung may have just fixed that problem for you

Meet ChatOn.  In addition to a new tablet, revamped Galaxy S II and something called the Galaxy Note, Samsung is expected to release a cross platform instant messaging/chat application that is supposed to work with iPhones and Blackberry’s infamous BBM chat service.  Because of Blackberry’s wide adoption into the enterprise sector BBM is a feature that some users, and some entire companies just can’t give up. Well if ChatOn works the way it’s supposed to you may be free from the shackles of Blackberry messenger.

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Verizon To Ask President Obama To Intervene In Smartphone Patent Debacle?

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Verizon Wireless, the nation’s biggest wireless carrier, is going to ask President Obama to intervene in the current smartphone patent wars.

Apple, Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola and more are all in some kind of patent lawsuit with one another centering around smartphone and tablet patents. As mobileburn reports, Verizon says that if Obama doesn’t step in the current patent litigation crisis could paralyze innovation and growth in smartphones.

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DOH!! HTC Incredible S aka Droid Incredible 2 Makes Cameo In Blackberry Promotional Video

We’ve seen it happen several times where an anxious advertising department has incorrectly identified an Android device in say a Best Buy or Radio Shack ad, or even on a Best Buy or Radio Shack web page, however this one is a major screw up.  We first saw this on Phandroid, and like our buddy Chris Chavez points out, there’s a chance the video will be taken down shortly (if RIM is smart) however if you watch the video below for the Blackberry All Touch Torch 9850 you’ll notice a familiar little guy around :15.

In the comments on Youtube androidbugler points it out at first and they try to shut him down but you can’t mistake the HTC buttons or the Android bar at the top. If you watch the video 9 times, like we did you’ll notice that none of the other phones in the video have the same bar at the top they have a more “Blackberryesque” bar.

UPDATE: 9:25PM PDT: RIM has made the video private
UPDATE 2 Got a good copy of the video from Engadget

Source: YouTube via Phandroid

Nokia and RIM surge after Google and Motorola announcement

Nokia and Research In Motion both surged following the announcement of Google’s intent to purchase Motorola Mobility.  Why?  It is simple, Microsoft.  The feeling around Wall Street seemed to be – they have to do something.  While Nokia seems the obvious choice to (most) people, Research In Motion was mentioned quite a few times.  Nokia shares shot up 17.35% with an increase of $.93 up to a mind-boggling $6.29, RIM jumped 10.38% gaining $2.55 reaching $27.11.  The idea of Microsoft purchasing either of these companies in response to the Motorola deal seems to have very little rational thought behind it.

Looking at each of the companies, is it possible to find a logical reason for Microsoft to purchase either of them?  Are there any glaring reasons why they should not?

Nokia: Microsoft and Nokia just recently entered into an agreement for Nokia to place Windows Phone 7 on their hardware.  With that deal Microsoft managed to convince Nokia to drop its Symbian operating system and it’s years of development.  Instead of purchasing the company outright Microsoft was able to gain a hardware company with almost none of the headaches that actually come with owning said business.  With the exception of actually owning the patents that Nokia holds – Microsoft has Cross-Licensing deals with Nokia thereby at least offering some protection from patent claims.  Following the Motorola announcement today, JpMorgan  Chase & Co. analysts placed the intellectual property value at as much as 5.4 billion euros ($7.7 billion).  Nokia’s market cap is between $14 and $23 billion dollars (the difference is based on the 63% premium Google agreed upon with Motorola).


Sprint’s Playbook Play: CANCELLED

The Silicon Alley Insider is reporting, by way of the Wall Street Journal, that Sprint has decided to cancel plans for a 4G Blackberry Playbook.

The Blackberry Playbook 4G has been rumored for the last 6 months and was supposed to come out this summer.  After a bunch of delays, Sprint has officially pulled the plug.

Sprint’s President of it’s market groups, Paget Alves told the Wall Street Journal “It’s an interesting concept, it just hasn’t caught on with business customers as much as they would like,”

RIM’s Blackberry Playbook is a nice piece of hardware however Blackberry as a whole has suffered in sales and appeal as Android and iOS have passed them by in regards to smart devices.  In the original Wi-Fi version RIM didn’t include a native email app and instead required a bridge between a Blackberry smartphone and the tablet itself. The supposed 4G version was supposed to solve this problem.

Sprint has continued to make good on it’s commitment to Android. Motorola and Sprint recently announced a renewed partnership which has included devices like the Motorola Photon 4G and the Motorola Triumph.  Sprint has a 4G Android tablet in HTC’s Evo View 4G which has access to Sprint’s 4G/Wimax network.  According to sources Sprint also has 2 more Android powered 4G tablets to debut before the holidays.

Source: SAI

Android Has Almost 3X The Global OS Market Share Of iOS

Gartner released their second quarter 2011 findings on Thursday. The great news was for Android.  Actually it turns out Android and Apple command almost 62% of the total global smartphone market share. When you break it down though Android has 43.4% of the market and iOS has 18.3% of the global market. Symbian actually edges Apple out as well with 22.1% of the global market.

In a release from Gartner today Gartner analysts said:

“these two OSs have the usability that consumers enjoy, the apps that consumers feel they need, and increasingly a portfolio of services delivered by the platform owner as well”

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Shocker: Blackberry Users Have The Most Klout

Klout has just published a blog post about which types of smartphones the people with the most Klout have.  The original blog post pitted Android and iPhone against each other.

Klouts data revealed that smartphone owners as a whole had, on an average, more Klout than average social media users.  However in the original post iPhone beat out Android 42.0-40.6.  After an outcry from Blackberry users Klout refigured the data and found that Blackberry actually beat out both iPhone and Android. Blackberry scored 43.6

source: Klout

American’s Prefer Smartphones To Sex

GPS company Telenav has just released findings from a rather interesting survey.

The Telenav survey revealed how American’s prefer their smartphones over some basic human interactions and everyday things.  The biggest finding was that a third of American’s would rather give up sex than their smartphones.

Other findings included that 50 percent of people would rather give up caffeine, chocolate or exercise than their smartphone. 22 percent said they would give up brushing their teeth than theability to have emails, facebook, twitter and phone calls by their side.

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Android Vs iPhone Map Reveals Interesting Information

While we constantly report on the top research firms in the wireless industry like Comscore, Nielsen, Millennial Media, IDC, Strategy Analytics and more, the message has become clear.  Android is dominating in the United States.  While numbers can be forced out all the time, nothing shows things off better than a picture.

This image from jumptap and reporting on by the Silicon Alley Insider, clearly shows where Android dominates vs iPhone and even Blackberry.  If you count the states it shows a pretty even count however when you dig into it, the influential states in a presidential election are the “green states”.

California, Texas, Florida, Nevada even Washington State and Pennsylvania are Android states.  Apple’s iPhone has a clear win in the most north eastern part of the United States.  New York, the business epicenter of the world is still dominated by Blackberry as is Maryland and Virginia with their strong concentration of federal government.

One things for sure, whoever wants to win the next election better have an Android app.

source: SAI

Russian Government Considering PlayBook or Android, iPad Banned?

According to the Financial Post the Russian government has growing concerns with the security options available on Apple’s iPad. According to reports the Russian government is looking for a tablet platform for it’s government workers that is more cryptographically secure.  RIM’s Playbook, Android or a device built by a Russian agency are all in contention for their governments business. Although the Soviet Union has disbanded Russia is still very concerned about encryption and cryptography. Read more after the break (more…)

Get Jar Gets 2 Billionth Download

Our friends at Getjar have just reached a hefty milestone. They just had their 2 billionth download (billion with a “B”).  Getjar is the largest independent app store around. They serve apps for all operating systems and have had some pretty big exclusive launches this year including Angry Birds and Cut The Rope.

2 billion downloads is more than any other cross platform app store has seen. Getjar says they’ve reached this milestone by providing their worldwide audience with over 150,000 applications which grows daily.  Although the Android Market beats GetJar in pure volume, they have a vetting process which insures they get good quality apps from all types of developers.

“We credit our growth in downloads to our open approach to the app marketplace,” said GetJar Founder & CEO, Ilja Laurs. “Giving developers for all platforms a free space to distribute their applications has proven popular to both developers and consumers.”

Getjar offers apps for Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian, and Mobile Web. Facebook is the most downloaded app on Getjar with over 1 million downloads to date.