HTC Financial Information Reveals a Big Revenue Last May

HTC Corporation, the Taiwan-based Smartphone maker, displayed a great performance in the market last month. This was evidenced by the financial documents that they released lately which were easily picked up by Wall Street Journal Market Watch. Highest Figure in 11 Months According to the source, the previous month indicated the highest revenue that the

New York Times Moves Toward Netflix Model as Ads Decline

Mark Thompson, CEO of the New York Time is taking a leaf from Netflixs’ book and moving over to the subscription model for it’s services in a bid to drastically change the publisher into an internet company that relies less and less on advertising revenue. In an interview with Thompson he said “the creation of

HTC’s Q4 2012 Income Hits a 9 Year Low

HTC’s continued trouble in the market has been discussed on several occasions. And each time, the stats just keep falling for the Taiwanese maker. Only a few months ago, there were reports that the company had performed poorly compared to how much it did the year prior to that. This has been the trend over