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Thinner capacitor for compact Xenon flash units

All the smartphone manufacturers are in a race to have the best camera module on their product. Recently announced HTC One which uses something called Ultrapixel, in which each pixel can get 300% more light than competitors products, thus leading to the final photograph having a better photo quality. The best camera that I have

Smartphone Shipments To Double By 2016

Smartphone shipments will surpass the 1 billion mark by 2016, according to a recent market research results published by a market research firm called NPD DisplaySearch. This year alone, the shipments are predicted to reach 567 million and double in only four years’ time. New smartphone releases, such as the announcement of the iPhone 5 this

Android 61% iOS 21% In Latest Mobile Mix Report

Android has done it again. In Millennial Media’s mobile mix report, released earlier today, Android took 61% of the smartphone OS pie as it relates to traffic on Millennial Media’s robust mobile platform. In the July report, Android increased 15% month over month. This was also the eighth consecutive month that Android led all other

T-Mobile G2 – A reality check

For anyone who follows us, the G2 has gotten a lot of attention here. The reason for this attention has revolved around the seemingly constant string of  misinformation surrounding this handset. The phone has been hailed as a Dual Core with a Tegra 2, nine heads and its own goldfish built into the battery compartment.