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WYSE PocketCloud Named Best Mobile Cloud App For Android Tablets

The great folks at WYSE have been in the thin-client and terminal business for what seems like forever. I remember going into the library as a kid (way before the internet cafes libraries have become) and using a monochrome WYSE terminal to look up books. In a private briefing with Thedroidguy in April WYSE  explained

Wyse’s Pocketcloud Brings Top Ranked Remote Desktop Client To Your Honeycomb Device

Wyse has released version 1.2 of their remote desktop client, PocketCloud to the Android Market. The newest version of PocketCloud for Android has been rebuilt to take advantage of Android 3.0, Honeycombs, new user interface and enhanced tablet OS.  PocketCloud 1.2 is designed to take advantage of the larger real estate found on Android tablets.