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Redbox opens Gamerental site, in discussions about Xbox one, PS4

Redbox has launched a site called where gamers can vent their feelings about the next generation of consoles, this information could be very useful for Redbox to provided the best game rental service for next-gen consoles. Redbox and Microsoft are already quite close partners since the Redbox Instant app launched on the Xbox 360


Redbox Instant coming to Roku

The many Roku users will soon be able to access Redbox Instant which combines their DVD rentals with a Netflix style subscription service. Redbox Instant officially announced on Thursday that the service will finally come to Roku in the summer, but no specific date has been discloses. This announcement comes after Redbox Instant launched on

Redbox And Verizon Announce Their Netflix Competitor

If you’re not into the whole Netflix streaming subscription, Redbox is looking to compete with Netflix by teaming up with Verizon and making an app called “Redbox Instant.” Both Verizon and Redbox announced this service back in February saying that they were going to “combine forces.” Other than that not many details have been released