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Sprint and Radioshack To Share 1750 Stores

In the midst of RadioShack filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Sprint and RadioShack have announced a deal where they will share 1,750 co-branded stores across the country. The co-branded stores “will exclusively sell mobile devices across Sprint’s brand portfolio as well as RadioShack products, services and accessories.” “Under the terms of the new agreement, Sprint would

Verizon Galaxy S5 Deal

Verizon Galaxy S5 selling for $79.99 through RadioShack

RadioShack is offering a sweet deal on the Verizon branded Galaxy S5. The smartphone is selling for just $79.99, which is if you’re willing to sign a two year agreement with the carrier. This is quite a discount on the usual pricing of $200, so you might want to hurry if you’re interested in the handset. There’s

Best Father’s Day discounts and deals for Android fans from across the web

Trying so hard to achieve full-scale gender equality, the 21st century society has fallen victim to the positive discrimination trap. Just look at how many holidays are nowadays dedicated to women. Ladies have their International Women’s Day, their Mother’s Day, Women’s Equality Day and even a Women’s History Month each year. Meanwhile, what do guys

RadioShack Galaxy S5 Deal

RadioShack offering the Galaxy S5 for $79.99 when you trade in a device

American retailer RadioShack currently has a sweet deal on the Samsung Galaxy S5 where the handset is being sold for just $79.99 after signing a two year contract. To be eligible for this deal, users will have to trade-in their working smartphone which is covered under the retailer’s Trade & Save plan. Since this is the contract version

RadioShack and Target End Their Partnership

Electronics retailers these days have plenty going for themselves, especially with the emergence of fancy new mobile handsets in the market. However, with the discount pricing being a trend these days, a large chunk of the retailers’ profits are cut down. One such retailer is RadioShack which has almost half of its revenue coming from