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Motorola announces Defy Pro

Ruggedized smartphone is a niche market, and if we go by the history, Motorola is popular for these kinds of phones. Motorola was the first company to launch a rugged Android smartphone back in 2010, which was then marketed as water-resistant, dust-resistant, impact & scratch-resistant, and was essentially achieved with the help of port covers and Gorilla Glass screen. The successor, Motorola Defy+, has also managed to get IP67 certification for being water resistant and dust proof, and is sold in good numbers.

What’s missing in the market is a rugged smartphone with physical keyboard, and Motorola is all set to fill the gap with Motorola Defy Pro. It’s the first ruggedized Android smartphone to have a physical QWERTY keyboard, and is able to resist dust, water, and scratches, while managing to look sleek enough and not like a brick. There isn’t any clear information on the specifications, but it has a 2.7″ display with Gorilla Glass protection, a 5MP camera with flash, microSD slot, DLNA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and will be running Android 2.3, which is a bit disappointing as Android 4.0 has been around for over 8 months now.

The handset provides with three different user profiles or as the company would like to put it as “Dashboards”, which include outdoor, hiking, and workout views. These views basically display data such as weather, track your hiking trails, and monitor your workouts, which are appropriate for the situation based on your selection.

The phone is being promoted with QuickOffice app and comes loaded with it. It’s worth noting that QuickOffice was acquired by Google recently, and so was Motorola. The Motorola Defy Pro will be up for sale in Brazil July 15th onwards. Motorola hasn’t unveiled the price tag either, but going by the track record of other devices in the Defy range, it got to be something reasonable.

Unboxing & Quick Review Video: LG Double Play On T-Mobile

Anyone who’s been a fan or follower of thedroidguy for any amount of time knows we like to check out phones with unique form factors. The Kyocera Echo, the Droid Pro and the Pantech Pocket are all phones that may not have won the hearts of Android enthusiasts but were unique in their own right. The LG Double Play is one of those phones.

The LG Double Play gets it’s name from it’s two screens. It’s not two screens that come out to hook together and make one big screen like the Echo but it has one normal style screen and a 2″ screen located in the middle of the slide out qwerty keyboard.

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No Nexus Branded Phone Is Going To Have A Keyboard

So Dr. Panda Seuss is back with more Samsung Nexus Prime poetry, this time I’m going to get in front of the story before any of my other writers do and just cut right to the chase, Google is not going to allow a phone branded “nexus” to have a physical keyboard.

The Nexus series is a developer series designed to take advantage of Android in it’s most original form.  If you ever go to an Android focused tech event like I/O or Appnation you’ll see all the developer’s in the developer sandboxes using their apps and demoing their apps on a Nexus One or Nexus S. They’re looking for the pure Googlefied experience. In order to develop for the masses you need to have a baseline phone.

Now, well Samsung release a similarly spec’d Android device with a qwerty keyboard? I’m sure they will but it won’t be a Nexus.

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Kyocera Entry Level Slider “Milano” Comes To Sprint September 9th

Well there you have it folks, Sprint is launching a phone September 9th and it’s not the Samsung Galaxy S II. The Samsung Galaxy S II will arrive at Sprint September 16th. What Sprint is getting is an entry level Android slider called the “Milano”.  No big magic show, no hocus pocus, no dual screen. However it does have a qwerty slider.

As Joe over at SprintFeed points out, people that want a phone that just does email, surfs the web and downloads apps, this is the ticket.

The Kyocera Milano looks to be a solid device for the entry level set.  Enthusiasts you’ll only have a week left to wait for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch once the Milano launches on the 9th.

Here are the specs:
Android 2.3 Ginerbread
3″ Touchscreen
2gb MicroSD card included, and of course supports up to 32gb microSD
800 mhz processor
512mb RAM/512mb ROM
1340 mah battery

This is also a 3G only device.  It will be in Sprint stores and retail partners next Friday!

source: Sprintfeed

Motorola Droid Pro Heads To Cellular South As The Motorola Milestone Plus

Cellular South, the largest privately held regional wireless carrier, and strong supporter of the Android OS has announced the addition of another Android device to their portfolio.

The Motorola Milestone Plus, bares a stunning resemblance to the Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon Wireless and the Motorola XPRT on Sprint.  The Motorola Milestone Plus is Cellular South’s first world phone. This phone will operate on Cellular South’s CDMA network and roaming partners and overseas via GSM.

In addition the device brings a portrait style, fixed QWERTY keboard, Android 2.2, and a powerful 1ghz operating system.

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Asus Android Tablet To Feature Keyboard And More, Is This The Sleeper for CES 2011

Most of the CES pre-show news has been focused around 4G and Android. The latest photos from Asus fit the Android category in a major way. However, like Toshiba at IFA earlier this year, Asus hasn’t exactly been known for their Android portfolio.

These photos were leaked to earlier today and they show the new 10″ Android tablet hybrid by Asus.  As you can see it’s an Android tablet, indicative of the home and back Android buttons right there in the shot. It’s a 10″ tablet allegedly also running honeycomb and slated for a CES official announcement.

One thing you’ll also notice is the USB 3.0 port on the side. Perhaps you will be able to use this tablet with almost as much functionality as a laptop, if not more!

Asus is also working on a Windows phone 7 based tablet that was leaked with alongside the photos of the Android tablet.

While we are excited about the Asus tablet we are proceeding with caution as we were also truly excited about the Toshiba Folio tablet as well.

Source: Techinstyle

T-Mobile Charm.. well Charming 1st Look

Except for it’s Droid Line on Verizon people have been questioning the effort that Motorola has made on other carriers with their Android handsets. Sometimes I feel like I was the only person on the planet that thought the backflip and it’s ability to use the back portion for scrolling, or it’s unique form factor was actually cool. It wasn’t Motorola’s fault that AT&T had the backflip locked down. Really one of the hardest things to consider as Thedroidguy is that a lot, I mean a lot of people come to this site for baseline or introductory information into Android and if you haven’t had, owned or played with a Samsung Galaxy S phone, A Droid X or Droid 2 or a Nexus One, than heck some of these entry to mid-range phones are actually GREAT!

Meet the Motorola Charm.  I have to believe that some of the pricing controversy on the internet and in the blogsphere, regarding T-Mobile’s 2 year contract price for the Charm, contributed to the $75 pricing on the Motorola Charm.

Check out our first look video. We shot that two days ago when I received the Motorola Charm. I’ve been using it pretty steady for the last two days and here are some positives:

– This extended battery packaged in the box goes all day no matter what way you slice it, use it, dice it, record on it. I havent tried the standard BT-60 Battery, I havent had to. But the battery life on the extended is STRONG!

– I was sent a demo of the Blackberry torch right before launch and the only thing I dug about it was the vertical keyboard, The ease of having a vertical keyboard in some situations is great you don’t have to rotate the phone or slide out a keyboard while driving, eating etc. The Motorola Charm’s keyboard isn’t as refined as the RIM/Blackberry keyboards, but then neither was the Moto Q’s. However in a pinch it’s functional. For as wide as the phone itself is, the keys are a little too small.

– The touch screen/full qwerty form factor is unique to this device. I was curious before reading up on it and trying one out, was the screen active, it is and responds well.  One of the drawbacks is the display is small and the fonts are smaller.

– It’s running Android 2.1 with the customizable version of motoblur. Not many Blur fans out there but there are people who do like it. I think that this version of blur on this particular device is going to be great for tweens and social media junkees.

As always this is a 1st look. More to report after more time. For now it’s the only Android handset with a stationary vertical keyboard. T-mobile also has true unlimited data and HSPA+ so in the right markets this phone is fast.