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Google offering QuickOffice app for free

Google has just made the QuickOffice app free for every Android and iOS user, bringing the ability to edit and create Word documents and Spreadsheets on the go. The QuickOffice app was previously free only to users of Google Apps for Business. Google acquired QuickOffice back last year which gave rise to speculation of future

QuickOffice integration comes to Google Drive for iOS

Google apps have always been better than Apple apps on iOS devices. For instance, Google Maps is way better than Apple Maps, and it was a wrong move for Apple to replace Google Maps with its own version of Maps software. Google has made great versions of Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive and an alright version

Google Gets Quickoffice Productivity Mobile App Maker

Google has once again been annexing new acquisitions to its company. Just a few days ago, it purchased Meebo, a web browser-based instant messaging and social networking platform, allegedly for the sum of $100,000,000. It has also acquired Kikscore, a web service that generates online trust ratings. Now, Google has bought Quickoffice, a suite of