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Samsung to make record sales in Q1 of 2013

  Samsung has been having a good time especially in the last few quarters, when the company was able to ship a record breaking number of devices. And looks like the company will continue the same trend and will break some more records this year.   According to the analysts from Counterpoint Research, Samsung will

LG Reports Q1 Results Sales Drop, Company Overall Posts Profit

LG is definitely not anywhere near the mess they were in about 18 months ago, nevertheless their cell phone sales were off this quarter. In Q1 2012 LG shipped 13.7 million mobile units. That’s down 4 million from Q4 2011 and nearly 14 million from the same quarter last year when they sold 27.1 million

Sprint Adds More Customers Than AT&T In Q1 2012

Sprint has posted their Q1 2012 earnings. The biggest detail of their earnings, reported by most media was an $863 million dollar loss in the quarter or 29 cents per share. That’s nearly double the $439 million dollar loss they reported in the same quarter last year. Most of that loss can be attributed to