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Quarterly Earnings

HTC predicts losses in Q3 2013

In what seems like probably the worst financial year for HTC, the company has dropped a bomb on its investors. According to the second quarter results published by the Taiwanese manufacturer, the third quarter is going to be even worse. Giving a preview of the Q3 results, the company predicts a drop of 0 to

LTE Devices & iPhones Drive Verizon Wireless In Q4 2011

Verizon Wireless held their fourth quarter earnings announcement on Tuesday morning before stock trading began. As expected, Verizon Wireless a unit of Verizon Corp, had a great fourth quarter fueled by sales of the iPhone and 4G/LTE devices. Verizon reportedly sold 4.3 million iPhones in Q4 2011, and 2.3 million LTE devices which encompasses Android

Android Daily Activations Absent From Earnings Call

Google CEO Larry Page held the companies 3rd quarter earnings call earlier this afternoon.  Google did very well beating analysts for the very important third quarter. Page didn’t give a lot of information out about Android specifically.  He contributed revenues of $2.5 billion dollars to the free operating system.  Mum was the word on the

LG Turns Corner In Q2

LG, like rival Samsung, is an enormous consumer electronics company. In case you didn’t know, they started out as Lucky Goldstar and to this day still make everything from air conditioners, to microwaves to wireless phones. After two bad quarters, LG finally posted a net profit of $99.6 million dollars company wide. They had a