How to Choose a Smartphone Guide Processor

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Processor

There so many Smartphones in market nowadays. Each brand or Smartphone model comes with unique features that make them stand out. On the part of consumers, choosing among them can be quite hard. So, if you happened to be overwhelmed and confused as well with the influx of these devices, this guide and the others

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon BatteryGuru app enhances battery life ‘intelligently’

The Snapdragon BatteryGuru app has finally moved from beta to release, after having been in the former since February this year. Snapdragon BatteryGuru promises to maximize the battery life of smartphones through an “intelligent” method. The app first takes a two-to-four-day period to observe the smartphone user’s activities and behavior. After this, it makes adjustments

Qualcomm to Announce its own SDK for Snapdragon Processors

Mobile hardware developers are will be a happy lot when Qualcomm announces their own SDK for the Snapdragon processor.  The SDK is expected to provide support to developers to optimize software for snapdragon devices. According to Qualcomm, developers and device manufacturers will be able to easily differentiate their applications on devices by exposing new value-added