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Anker Qi Charger

[Deal] Anker Qi Wireless Charging Pad for $14.39

Anker’s Qi Wireless Charging Pad is now available for just $14.39 from Amazon as part of a new deal. Most new devices are compatible with Qi Charging, giving you the liberty of just placing the phone on a charging pad devoid of any wires. However, make sure you check your device manual beforehand to know

[Deal] Wireless charging pad for the Galaxy S6/S6 edge for $18.99

Samsung’s entire 2015 Galaxy flagship lineup supports the Qi standard wireless charging feature. While this might not be the fastest way to charge your Galaxy flagship, it sure cuts down the need for a lengthy wire to be attached to your smartphone. Well, if you’re looking to invest in one of these charging pads, eBay

Fast charging could soon come to Qi Wireless chargers as well

Qi chargers offer excellent utility, letting you charge your devices wirelessly without much worry. However, they’re relatively slow as far as charging is concerned and hence¬†take longer time than some of the newer fast charging solutions. However, a new specification announced by the¬†Wireless Power Consortium tells us that Qi charging stations with faster charging (15

Toyota 2013 Avalon Sedan To Feature Qi Wireless Charging

Toyota recently announced that they will be incorporating a wireless charging feature for mobile phones on their 2013 Avalon Sedan. The company will be using the Qi wireless charging standard which is promoted by the Wireless Power Consortium and includes members such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Verizon Wireless, Energizer, Belkin and Motorola. Toyota will thus