Sony sold over 10 million Xperia devices in Q2 2013

Sony has just announced results of the second quarter of 2013 with the smartphone division seeing sales of over 10 million (Xperia) devices. Up until the end of Q2, Sony only had the Xperia Z as its lone flagship while subsequent months saw the launch of the Xperia Z Ultra and the Xperia Z1 at

Accessory Spotlight: BlueAnt Q2 Platinum

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the products that BlueAnt makes. Their bluetooth headsets are unbelievably clear. The Q2 is no exception. The sound quality is crystal clear and the fit is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever used. It provides AD2P connectivity so you can listen to your favorite

An explosive year for Android shows huge numbers!

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online It’s that time again, where market share and year-over-year reports come flooding in from every which way to give shareholders and customers the warm and fuzzies about how the company is doing. All year long we have heard about huge numbers of Android devices being activated. At I/O