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PS4 Randomly Turns Off

How To Fix The PS4 Randomly Turns Off Issue Easy Fix

The PS4 or PlayStation 4 is a popular home video game console developed by Sony and was first released in the market last 2013. It is consistently the best selling game console beating its rivals such as the Xbox and nintendo. Although this is a solid performing device there are instances when certain issues can

How to Fix Corrupted Data Error on PS4

The PlayStation is a popular gaming console that was first released in 2013. The latest version of this console is the PS4 Pro which is capable of playing the latest games in 4K resolution at faster frame rates. Although this is a solid device there are instances when some issues can occur which can become

PS4 Versus Xbox One: Which One Are You Getting?

The next generation gaming consoles are about to be released in the market which is generating a lot of excitement among gamers everywhere. Two of the gaming industry’s big players have recently announced the release of their next consoles. Microsoft was the first to reveal their Xbox One followed by Sony’s announcement of the PS4.

Nvidia Says Shield Will Compete Directly With Xbox One, PS4

Do you think that Android gaming devices can compete against the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony? Tom Petersen, the director of technical marketing at Nvidia, thinks so but not right now. Right now it’s an alternative gaming platform to smartphones and tablets. As the adoption of Android gaming becomes widespread then the $349


PlayStation Plus membership required for online multiplayer gaming on PS4

Playstation are moving to a paid online service model with the PS4, multiplayer will require a Playstation Plus membership, the evidence was on the powerpoint at E3 the $5 per month Playstation Plus includes “Immersive multiplayer online on PS4”. You won’t need a membership to access services like the Playstation store, Netflix or when you


Sony at E3: All The Games Coming To The PS4

Sony has still got some hardware issues to address, including actually showing the console. This PlayStation 4 event has a lot to live up for, with all the hype for Sony’s next generation console. A nice start to the game event, the many developers working on the next generation console are explaining why the PS4


Call of Duty: Ghosts also coming out on PS4

Activision took up a lot of time at the Xbox event yesterday, enough to make some fans believe Call of Duty was going completely Xbox. Infinity Ward decided to hit Twitter just to make sure gamers knew the new game, Ghosts, was coming to PS4. Call of Duty: Ghosts will also be coming to PS3,


Sony teases PS4 console ahead of Xbox event

Sony has made a rather blurry teaser video to keep the spirits up before the Xbox event tomorrow, showing the PS4 console at a distance with a sufficient amount of blur and close in capture shots. One thing missing from the Sony PlayStation event was the actual console, the company made a big deal out

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs release date November 19

Last years E3 had some good titles but no real surprises, apart from the new title being developed by Ubisoft, called Watch Dogs. Not much was told at the conference, except the bare basics on the open world game. Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs will be PlayStation 4 launch title and will be coming to the