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Google’s upcoming Project Tango tablet spotted at the FCC

Google created quite a stir a few months ago when it showed off Project Tango and its wide array of 3D specific features. However, the company hasn’t formally announced a commercial device based on Project Tango yet. But that might change soon if an FCC listing is anything to go by. This listing has revealed

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LG will launch a Project Tango based device in 2015

At the ongoing Google I/O developer event, Google and LG have jointly announced a Project Tango based device, with launch scheduled for some time in 2015. Details on the hardware weren’t provided, but going by the recently unveiled developer tablet, we don’t think it will be too different. When the idea of Project Tango was

Project Tango Gets The iFixit Teardown Treatment

Google is currently developing a smartphone that could create a 3D map of its surrounding called Project Tango. The device is still in its prototype stage however once completed it will allow apps to interact with real world objects. Some examples of its use include playing games that involves real objects or even helping you

Google Unveils Project Tango Smartphone With Advanced 3D Sensors

When Google agreed to sell Motorola to Lenovo it didn’t include the Advanced Technology and Projects hardware group. This is the team that is developing Project Ara, a modular smartphone concept. Today, Google has announced that the same team is also working on Project Tango. Project Tango is a 5-inch smartphone that uses a customized