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Project Ara to be shown off at the MWC next month

It has been a while since Google announced Project Ara. The company has made plans to introduce devices later this year as part of a pilot program in Puerto Rico first, followed by other parts of the globe. Well if you happen to be visiting Barcelona during the MWC 2015 event next month, you might be able

Google could start selling Project Ara smartphones via the Play Store

Project Ara is scheduled to break cover sometime next year with a working prototype expected to break cover in December at the Ara developer conference. The lead of Project Ara, Paul Eremenko has now shared some details on how these modules will be sold during launch. According to him, Google could be looking to sell Project Ara devices and

You Have Got to Watch This Newly Released Project Ara Video!

At the end of October last year, we got to know about a unique and plainly amazing project called Ara that Motorola (Google) was working on – a customizable phone that brings limitless possibilities to smartphones, and generally anything tech, by allowing customizations that include you, the end user, assembling your own phone.  Well, this was

Are we ready for the modular smartphone?

Google’s latest “moonshot” project is a modular phone called Project Ara. Modular devices are not exactly a new technology, but here’s why a modular smartphone is important in this day and age. Big companies can afford to lose money on experiments and projects. Take Apple and Google, for example, with their billions of dollars in

Entry level Project Ara based devices to cost just $50

Google and Motorola jointly announced the Project Ara modular smartphone concept back in October. According to this concept, users will be able to customize their smartphone down to every detail. Google has now announced that it plans to launch the entry level Project Ara device for as low as $50. The hardware on this device

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Motorola Project Ara is Nearly Complete

Dennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola, confirmed this weekend that the Project Ara prototype is nearing its final stage according to Slash Gear. If this is true, then, it would present Motorola’s customers new customization options for their Smartphones. What is Project Ara? Project Ara is a collaboration between Motorola and 3D Systems, which is