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Galaxy S3 Mobile Data Problems After 4.4 Update

Galaxy S3 Mobile Data Problems After 4.4 Update

Here’s a message that just came in Mailbag, “I noticed that after downloading the 4.4 update, I started experiencing Galaxy S3 mobile data problems. I mean, it suddenly turns off randomly. This is very irritating because whenever I am in the middle of browsing the Internet, my browser suddenly stops loading and I get this

Nexus 4 Problems After Updating to 4.3 Version

Helen, a Nexus 4 user sent to us this message after installing the recent 4.3 OTA update: “I have just updated my nexus 4 to 4.3. Now, the gallery is not working‚ I can’t install or update apps, or even set a ringtone. Whenever I try to set one it says ‘settings do not work’.

Galaxy S4 Problem in Pairing with the Nokia Bluetooth Headset

There have been numerous complaints about the Galaxy S4 problem in pairing with Nokia Bluetooth headsets. Apparently the issue occurs as an irritating buzz or crackling noise. This is especially true when the volume is tuned high. The Possible Causes of the Galaxy S4 Problem in Pairing with Nokia Bluetooth Headset The people at Android

galaxy s4 air view

A Look at the Galaxy S4 Air View App Problems and Solutions

Many users complain about the Air View feature of their Galaxy S4 not functioning. So far, the common cause of this problem is an improper configuration of the phone’s settings. Then, there are also other factors that affect the way that the app functions. We will tackle all the causes here one by one as