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galaxy s3 micro sd card

Solution to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Micro SD Card Problem

Recently, we have encountered a question concerning the external memory of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here is the exact question sent to us through Mailbag: “Recently I have taken many photos (300+) and it’s stored on the Micro SD of my phone.  But recently, the phone kept freezing and deleting all my photos.  Actually, I’m

flash player in galaxy note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player Problem

We recently received an email about a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flash Player problem which reads, “My Adobe Flash Player has been very buggy in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since updating to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. My videos tend to skip a lot, which I sure haven’t experienced when I was using the earlier

Galaxy Note 2 Red Eye

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Red Eye Problem

A new email in Mailbag asks for a solution for the Galaxy Note 2 red eye problem in its pictures. The actual message reads, “I have a Galaxy Note 2. I am facing a problem about the camera that when I take a pic of person at night, the eyes of that person becomes red

Solutions for the HTC One Problem in Home and Back Buttons

If you are experiencing an HTC One problem wherein the Home and Back buttons are unresponsive, this article will help you explore the likely causes of the issue as well as the possible solutions that you can apply. The Possible Causes of the the HTC One Problem in Home and Back Keys The most probable

galaxy s3 auto answer

Samsung Galaxy S3 Auto Answer Problem While on Headphones

One Samsung Galaxy S3 user shared to us that whenever he is using his Samsung Galaxy S3 to play music and the headphones are on, it automatically answers incoming calls. When there’s an incoming call while on headphones, the song he is listening to suddenly stops or pauses and the call is already in place.

galaxy s3 problem with retrieving photos from sms

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems in Receiving Emails on Time

There have been many instances wherein Samsung Galaxy S3 users receive their emails very late. Some complain about getting them in a couple of days or even weeks after being sent. So, if you happened to be one of the people who are experiencing this particular problem, this article will help you explore the possible

Galaxy S4 Screen Unresponsive During Calls

This is one of the messages that we received through Mailbag from a Galaxy S4 owner:  “My S4 which bought from the day it was released to the public is giving me a problem.  This past week, I’ve been having a strange issue and I wanted to see if you seen or heard of this

galaxy s3 auto bright

Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Brightness Issues

If you are having problems with the brightness of your Galaxy S3 during certain times of the day, like when it is too bright during daytime or too dim during nighttime, all you have to do is fix its Auto Brightness settings. Activating the Galaxy S3 Auto Brightness Here’s how you can go about it:

galaxy s3 overlapping texts

Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Overlapping Texts

According to one Samsung Galaxy S3 user, he is having a problem reading the contents of a website due to the texts overlapping each other. He tried to solve the problem by restarting his phone a couple of times, which did not work. There is a similar complaint in DroidForums and the Galaxy S3 user

Galaxy S3 Auto Mute Solutions

Several people have been asking about the possible causes and the solutions of the Galaxy S3 auto mute problem. According to one sender in The Droid Guy Mailbag, this has been happening on her Galaxy S3 a lot whenever she is talking to someone. She recounted that she can hear the person on the other

galaxy s3 disappearing messages

Galaxy S3 Messages Disappearing

A Galaxy S3 user who just got her phone from T-Mobile told us that she has been experiencing problems with her messages. In her email, she told us that her messages have been disappearing from her conversation list. According to her, the messaging app of the Galaxy S3 would suddenly freeze and all the conversations