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5 Best Phones With Full Physical Qwerty Keyboard In 2019

There’s plenty of reasons you may want to get a phone with an actual, physical Qwerty keyboard where you have to punch in the numbers. If you currently have a smartphone, but want to downgrade to just the basics to clear some clutter from your life, or perhaps you know someone who could use a

Best quick-charging Android smartphones money can buy

Charging your phone every single night after returning from work, school or a stroll around town in order to be able to start again the next morning without losing track of your Facebook friends, favorite Twitter feeds or Pinterests might well be the most annoying modern-day chore. It’s not only boring as can be, but

[Deal] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $329.99

The unlocked #BlackBerryPriv is now selling on eBay for just $329.99. The handset has been selling for much cheaper previously, so this is a bit of a surprise really. But the Priv is still a pretty sweet deal for under $330, so we’re not going to complain. The handset’s claim to fame is the Android

[Deal] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $299.99

The unlocked version of the #BlackBerryPriv can now be purchased for just $299.99. The smartphone was launched about a year ago, but for the price quoted by the seller here, it’s certainly a steal. The Priv comes with a fairly attractive hardware specs sheet on board which could put other phones of the same price

Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Priv to get updates directly from BlackBerry

The AT&T #BlackBerryPriv is available in abundance out there, mostly in the unlocked form. Well, if you were wondering about the state of the updates for these models, BlackBerry has you covered. The company has freshly announced that these devices will receive updates directly from BlackBerry, meaning the onus will be on BB to send out

BlackBerry Priv

[Deal] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $299.99

The #BlackBerryPriv is the company’s first ever Android smartphone, which meant it was not a minor device. However, the handset didn’t manage to do well in the market due to the exorbitant pricing. Well, you can now snatch one up for just $299.99 courtesy of an eBay retailer. The device has been selling for around

[Deal] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $299.99

The AT&T unlocked BlackBerry Priv is now up for grabs via eBay for just $299.99. The handset was a frequent visitor to the deals page at this price point, but it has been selling for nearly $400 since recently. Keeping that in mind, it’s good to see that the retailers have come back to the

BlackBerry Priv

AT&T BlackBerry Priv now getting the Marshmallow update

The AT&T #BlackBerryPriv is now getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. We know what you’re thinking. Didn’t the Priv get the Marshmallow update back in April? Well, yes it did, but AT&T has been kind of late to the party, while Verizon still hasn’t initiated the process yet. T-Mobile sent out the update about a month

[Deal] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $299.99

#BlackBerryPriv is one of the popular devices of late 2015, although this didn’t necessary translate into success for the company. The handset’s downfall was caused by the exorbitant pricing, which meant that customers had to shell out north of $650 to get it during its early days. But the company has seemingly learned the lesson and

BlackBerry Priv

T-Mobile stops selling the BlackBerry Priv

Earlier this week, an AT&T official mentioned that the sales of the #BlackBerryPriv were quite disappointing. Hot on the heels of that report, T-Mobile has now stopped selling the device altogether. It would be a big leap to assume that this had anything to do with AT&T’s revelation, so it’s likely that T-Mobile simply ran out

BlackBerry Priv to get Marshmallow update next week

Beta testers of the #BlackBerryPriv smartphone were said to be getting the #Marshmallow update a week ago. It has now been found that the smartphone will start getting the Android 6.0 update next week. This means that regular customers of the Priv who are not beta testers will get to enjoy Marshmallow on their Priv

[Deal] BlackBerry Priv selling for just $450 ($200 off)

The #BlackBerryPriv smartphone can now be yours for a miserly $450 thanks to a solid deal running over at AT&T’s official page. The deal brings the cost of the smartphone down by $200, making it a pretty attractive offering. As you know, the BlackBerry Priv is one of the few devices that has been immune

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv getting Android Marshmallow Beta today

The #BlackBerryPriv smartphone is today getting the #Android #Marshmallow Beta update, just as the company promised. However, only a select few users are seemingly getting the update as of now, but a wider beta rollout is expected to commence shortly. With this beta update, the company can ascertain the bugs and issues that there might