Motorola Triumph Trumps All Other Prepaid Android Devices

There is only one word to describe the feeling a lot of us had at the Sprint/Motorola event last Thursday in New York City when Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse and Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha unveiled the new Motorola Triumph headed to Virgin Mobile.  That word is “WOW”. First off the Motorola Triumph for Virgin

LG Has Dual Android’s Coming To AT&T On Sunday

This Sunday LG and AT&T Mobility are teaming up to release two LG Android powered devices the LG Thrive and the  LG Phoenix. The LG Thrive, not to be confused with the Thrill, is the first smartphone to appear on AT&T’s prepaid brand called “Go-Phone”. Cost conscience AT&T customers can now use new data plans

Verizon Cuts Prepaid Voice in Half, Doubles Cost of Text Messages

In a move to retain and acquire more prepaid customers, Verizon Wireless has cut the daily price of their prepaid access in half from $3.99 to $1.99.  Competition has heated up in the prepaid sector. Sprint owns prepaid brands Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile while Metro PCS and Cricket have both confirmed gains in customers.

Leap Wireless (Cricket) to Offer 4G LTE Lilly Pads

Leap Wireless, the parent company to Cricket Wireless, is rolling out a limited LTE plan that CEO and President Doug Hutcheson is calling “Hot Spots”. Hutcheson told the Global Media and Communications Conference that they would roll out what the US considers 4G in limited amounts in 2011 and add to it based on demand

Cricket Adds Nationwide 3G Coverage

Earlier this month at CTIA, Kyle and I sat down with Matt Stoiber VP/GM Device Development for Cricket Wireless.  While we were there he brought out the Huawei Ascend.  He also told us that they were getting ready to announce a nationwide 3G roaming agreement.  He did not share any more than that, just that

Kyocera Zio: A Closer Look at Cricket’s first Android

Regional prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless launched it’s first Android device last month. In the hubub of wrapping up the summer of Android we didn’t want to try it out in the thick of the Droid 2’s and Galaxy S’ of the world we werent sure it would get it’s due diligence. Fast forward to now

Verizon offers up pay-as-you-go Data!

Android’s original mission statement was to offer devices of all types to as many people as possible. First, the four major carriers got their own compliment of Android phones, then recently, prepaid companies and smaller carriers started getting them. A push for devices offered in a prepaid format for major carriers has been  around since