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[Deal] AT&T GoPhone Moto E (8GB) for $29.99

The 2015 Moto E from AT&T GoPhone can now be yours for just $29.99 thanks to an attractive deal running on eBay. The smartphone comes with a budget ranged hardware, which is to be expected for the price tag anyway. The Moto E is a pretty attractive device for the cost and can be used as

U.S. Cellular launches new prepaid plans for as little as $35

American carrier U.S. Cellular has just launched a series of Simple Choice prepaid plans starting at just $30 for basic phones and $35 for smartphones. The Simple Choice plans have multiple tiers with each tier offering increased data, while all of them have free voice minutes and texts. And to make the service more appealing to users, the carrier is

AT&T Will Let GoPhone Users Use 4GB Of Data In Canada And Mexico

Since T-Mobile announced their “Mobile Without Borders” plan a few months ago, the other carriers have been scrambling to compete. AT&T is now bringing their own offering to customers on GoPhone plans. If you are on the $60 per month plan, you will be able to get unlimited texts and calls for free when visiting


Sprint prepaid users now getting rollover data

Sprint has just announced that customers of its qualifying prepaid plans will be able to get their unused data rolled over to the next month. Users will be able to bank up to 30GB of data this way with no expiration on them. AT&T and T-Mobile’s offerings on the other hand, expire after a month and

AT&T Gives More To Users On Certain GoPhone Plans

In line with their recent price drops for consumers on the postpaid plans, AT&T is improving the status of their GoPhone prepaid service as well. Customers on the $45 per month 1 GB 4G LTE plan now get an additional 500 MB to use, bringing the total allotment of data to 1.5 GB. Customers on AT&T’s $60

Best ultra-affordable prepaid smartphones for 2015

Seeing as how the race to the bottom is heating up by the day as far as Android smartphone retail costs are concerned, a refresh of our best sub-$100 prepaid device list from April 2014 was probably long overdue. To make that abundantly clear, just one member of last year’s magnificent low-cost seven made the

T-Mobile becomes the top prepaid carrier in the U.S.

American carrier T-Mobile has announced that it is now the top prepaid network in the U.S. surpassing Sprint, AT&T and Verizon quite comfortably. With a total tally of 15.64 million customers, T-Mobile has crossed Sprint which has a total of 15.19 million subscribers on its prepaid networks as of recently. The CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere,

Best prepaid sub-$100 Android smartphones – April 2014

So you’re in the market for some Android-powered goodies, but don’t care coughing up a fortune to score the best of the best. In fact, you only got one little Benjamin to spend. Of course, 100 clams is 100 too much for a host of wickedly fast high-end smartphones, including LG’s G2 or HTC’s 2013

Best Low to Mid-End, Low-Cost Android Smartphones: Late 2013 Edition

Smartphones are expensive. It’s an undeniable, incontestable, impossible to fight with fact of life. Like the sky is blue, the grass green and “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White Heisenberg the most badass, evil, diabolic yet charismatic character ever to be featured in a cable TV show. But is it really an undeniable fact of life? No,

T-Mobile’s New ‘GoSmart’ Plan Being Tested In A Few Markets

T-Mobile has been in the headlines just about everywhere you like, and rightly so. They’ve had a lot of great announcements, promotional material and etc. This topic seems to fit right in with what we’ve been hearing this past week as well. The company announced that they would be removing subsidized pricing from their handsets starting