How To Fix LG V20 Won’t Turn On

We’ve already published an article on how to fix your #LG V20 (#V20) that won’t charge. Now, we’ll address a much more serious problem that may leave the phone useless if left alone–won’t turn on. There are several factors that we need to consider when it comes to troubleshooting a problem like this but to

How to fix Motorola Moto E4 that won’t turn on (easy steps)

Released in 2017, the Motorola Moto E4 is one of the entry-level devices that actually got very positive reviews from its owners. It’s not as premium as the flagships but it gets the job done. We have received some complaints from our readers about this phone and the most common issue is that the phone

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 Won’t Turn On

Power-related issues are very common not just to the #Samsung Galaxy J3 (#GalaxyJ3) but to all smartphones or devices that use battery to power up their hardware. So, if you own a smartphone, you can already expect that one of these days you will encounter issues like your device won’t turn on and charge or

What to do if your Huawei Mate 10 Lite won’t turn on (easy steps)

Owning a high-end smartphone doesn’t mean you’re totally free from having troubles. Regardless of what type of device you have, there are times when unexpected errors and problems would come your way and halt you from getting an ultimate smartphone experience. One of the most prevalent issues smartphone users have been dealing with since the

How to fix LG G7 ThinQ that won’t turn on (easy steps)

The LG G7 ThinQ is the company’s flagship and it comes packed with really impressive hardware specs and great features. But just like any other smartphones in the market today, it’s not free of problems and issues. Among the most common problems you may encounter if you’re an owner of this device are related to