Galaxy S6 constantly shuts down and won’t stay on, other issues

One of the common problems usually submitted to us is that the Galaxy S6 won’t stay on or having boot- or power-related problems. Once again, we publish a post that entertains these #GalaxyS6 issues. Below are the specific topics discussed in this material: Galaxy S6 constantly shuts down and won’t stay on Galaxy S6 stuck in download

How to make Galaxy Note 4 battery last longer, other power issues

Released in 2014, it’s understandable that many of today’s #GalaxyNote4 users are reporting their battery losing power faster than before, or that their device is now having some boot/power related problems. In this article, we cover some of the battery- and power-related issues being asked by some members of our community. We hope that this

Galaxy S5 unable to update apps via Play Store, other issues

The Galaxy S5 is a proven, reliable platform for years now but now and then we receive interesting reports of problems. We discussed some of these issues below. For those interested to visit other #GalaxyS5 issues, please go to our index page. Galaxy S5 discrepancy in Storage readings | Galaxy S5 unable to update apps

I just want my phone to be smart, please

We Android users would usually pride ourselves with the customizability of our devices. But with tweaks and tricks that we often need to do in order to extend battery life, does it have to mean giving up on a lot of smart features, too? Android is a platform that thrives on customizability. Compared with iOS,

Holiday Gift Guide: Aviiq Portable Charging Station

Statistics show that smartphone owners, and especially Android phone owners are typically inclined to be multiple device people as well. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Android owners are toting around two Android phones (we do know some are though). What it does mean is that Android and smartphone owners are more likely to have a

Must Carry Travel Kit: Energizer Energi To Go

Energizer Energi To Go XP2000 This is one of my most used and abused travel items.  I do not go anywhere without this kit.  As we all know, all smartphones use huge amounts of juice, some more than others (I’m looking at my Evo 4G as I write this), and at times it seems that

Amzer’s 3500 maH Solar ready Battery

On the go power is a serious issue for some. I typically can’t go a whole day without killing my Nexus One due to Angry Birds and keeping up with Android broadcasts and occasionally catching up on a TV show or movie. I am quite aware of my cell phone abuse, and because of that,