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Galaxy S6 not showing SMS notifications, other issues

Hello TheDroidGuy community! Here are some of other #GalaxyS6 issues we’ve gathered for you today. If you want to look for other articles that answers more issues on this device, please head over to this page. Galaxy S6 closes apps all of a sudden Galaxy S6 not showing SMS notifications Galaxy S6 Edge Plus won’t

Galaxy S5 POP account issue after Android update, other issues

Android updates can sometimes lead to more problems than fix existing ones. In this episode, we include an S5 POP account issue after Android update as well as other #GalaxyS5 problems. Below are the specific topics discussed in this post: Galaxy S5 POP account issue after Android update How to recover important files from a broken

Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy email issues

    We have collected some of the email issues on select #Samsung devices (#GalaxyNote5, #GalaxyS6, #GalaxyS6Edge) so we can share their solutions to our community. Below are the specific issues mentioned here today: Galaxy Note 5 not receiving emails “Please use a valid email address” error when trying to login to a site Gmail

Kickstarter Project Falls Prey To Apple’s Policies?

With the increasing number of smartphones, there are bound to be a lot of third party accessories for them. Especially for Apple products where accessories are sold for a premium price. And with the introduction of the new lightning connector, Apple moved away completely from the traditional 30 pin dock connector which was standard for