5 Best Podcast Apps For Galaxy S9

If you aren’t familiar with this, one of the many “cons” to Android was the lack of its own Podcasts app — that was something that many users have searched for, and with a lack of it, it’s actually discouraged sales from the Android operating system. That said, a lack of a native podcast app

5 Best Podcast Apps For Note 9

One of the downsides to the Android software is that, unlike iOS, there just isn’t a great way to listen to your podcasts all in one place, at least not with a built-in apps. Apple’s own Podcasts app gives you access to tons of excellent content, and gives you a place to look at all

5 Best Podcast Apps For LG V40 ThinQ

So maybe you just picked up yourself and LG V40 ThinQ and are looking for something new and fresh to use to house all of your podcasts. Or, maybe you just moved over to Android and are trying out the V40 ThinQ for the first time. Either way, there are plenty of options to listen