How to fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 that won’t turn on

If your Xiaomi Pocophone F1 turned off by itself or got stuck on a black screen and won’t turn back on, then the problem could either be a minor one especially if it occurred without apparent reason or cause. However, if the phone got dropped on a hard surface or got wet and then this

How To Fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Battery Draining Quickly

The #Xiaomi #PocophoneF1 is a premium Android smartphone that has flagship specs without the high price tag. This phone has a solid plastic frame with Gorilla Glass protecting the 6.18 inch IPS LCD display. Under the hood is the powerful Snapdragon 845 processor which when combined with its 8GB of RAM makes the device run

How to fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 apps keep crashing issue

If apps are regularly crashing on your Pocophone F1, today’s post might help you. As usual, we also include a reported case as well as the ways to fix this problem. We hope you’ll find this post helpful. Before we proceed, we want to remind you that if you are looking for solutions to your own

How To Fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Not Fast Charging

#Xiaomi has recently released an affordably priced phone that has similar hardware components to what most of the current flagship models are using. This device is called the #PocophoneF1 and it sports a 6.18 inch IPS LCD display and uses the latest Snapdragon 845 processor combined with  8GB of RAM. It even uses a large

How To Fix Pocophone F1 Randomly Turning Off After Software Update

The #PocophoneF1 is the latest smartphone that has impressive hardware specifications yet does not cost as high as the popular flagship phones. This device is made by Xiaomi, which is a popular Chinese company that makes high quality devices at an affordable price. This phone sports a 6.18 inch IPS LCD display while under the