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Sony Xperia Play Is Officially Announced at #mwc11

The Sony Xperia Play has been officially announced. The Sony Xperia Play has been talked about for month with leaks of videos and photos all over the net. It’s now official after it’s unveiling at MWC.  The Sony Xperia Play is the latest in the line of Sony Xperia Android devices.  While it’s in portrait

Sony Xperia Play Gets Countdown Timer

In a move reminiscent of many American wireless launches, Sony Ericcson has posted a countdown timer for the highly anticipated Sony Xperia Play. The Sony Xperia Play is expected to run Android 2.3 and feature a fast processor and high end graphics capability designed to make game play richer and more fun. In January Sony

Sony Bringing Playstation Games To Android via PlayStation Suite

While everyone in the world seems to be waiting for the announcement of the Sony Xperia Play or Sony Zeuss (whatever you want to call it but the PlayStation phone) Sony made a huge announcement at their tech event in Tokyo earlier this evening. Sony has announced a new framework called PlayStation Suite that will