Sony’s Xperia Play 4G Available Now On AT&T For Just $49.99

Earlier this year Thedroidguy staff attended an event in New York City for AT&T. The event was giving a sneak peek into some of the devices that were going to be part of AT&T’s fall and holiday line up.  One of those devices is the PlayStation certified Sony Xperia Play.  After the event our very

Quick Look: Sony Xperia Play Coming To Verizon

Although the Sony Xperia Play for Verizon Wireless is rumored to be delayed just a little bit while Sony Ericsson gets some supply chain problems working out resulting from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we are going to take a quick look at this beast of a fun device. The Sony Xperia Play is

Sony Xperia Play Delayed Due To Tsunami

As reports started rolling in after the recent Japanese earthquake we were relieved to hear back from Sony that most of their Japanese work force was safe and their mobile plants weren’t in any jeopardy. While this remains true, what we’ve come to find is that the suppliers Sony counts on for a number of

Sony Xperia Play Is Officially Announced at #mwc11

The Sony Xperia Play has been officially announced. The Sony Xperia Play has been talked about for month with leaks of videos and photos all over the net. It’s now official after it’s unveiling at MWC.  The Sony Xperia Play is the latest in the line of Sony Xperia Android devices.  While it’s in portrait

Sony Xperia Play Expected In UK In April

The Sony Xperia Play will be announced this weekend at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  We reported yesterday that there has been a countdown assigned to the release announcement however we didn’t expect to hear about any carriers this early. Pocketlint has reported that Vodaphone, Orange and T-Mobile will all see the Sony Xperia

Sony Bringing Playstation Games To Android via PlayStation Suite

While everyone in the world seems to be waiting for the announcement of the Sony Xperia Play or Sony Zeuss (whatever you want to call it but the PlayStation phone) Sony made a huge announcement at their tech event in Tokyo earlier this evening. Sony has announced a new framework called PlayStation Suite that will

Sony Playstation Phone To Street in April?

Pocketlint is reporting today that the Playstation phone will not be at CES, will be launched at MWC and then hit retail, at least in the UK, in April. has a source very close to the Playstation phone. Their source is telling them that the Playstation phone will be announced the Sunday evening of

Playstation Android Phone Makes Clear Appearance In Video has posted video of the upcoming Playstation Android device being dubbed the “Zeus Z1”. There has been wide spread speculation as to when we will actually see this device launch however it’s been speculated that it could be as early as an event in France next week or as late as the Mobile World