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How to fix Google Play Store error 8 on Samsung Galaxy J3

The Google Play Store error 8 that many Samsung Galaxy J3 owners have been complaining about occurs when you try to update or install an app. It could be account-related or it could be just a minor issue with the Play Store itself. The thing is that you may find this issue very annoying as

How to fix Google Play Store error 940 on Samsung Galaxy A9

Owners of the new Samsung Galaxy A9 are among the most recent victims of the Google Play Store error 940. This error occurs while you’re downloading an app. Since it’s not a device or app-specific error, it may occur to other devices as well regardless of the app you’re trying to download. This kind of

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Play Store 911 error

The Google Play Store 911 error occurs when you’re downloading an applications. It’s not a device-specific error so it will happen to other Android devices and not just with your Note 9. It’s one of those errors that you can actually fix easily. In this article, I will tackle one of the Play Store issues