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Google Pixel phones to get double tap to wake feature soon

#Google will apparently roll out the ability to wake up your #Pixel phones using a double tap gesture on the screen, something that most modern day smartphones can already do. This might seem like a long overdue feature, but we feel it’s better late than never. The Pixel and the Pixel XL are yet to


Google Pixel phones selling quicker than the Nexus 6P

According to a report published by analytics firm Appboy, the #Google #Pixel and the #PixelXL are already off to a better start compared to their predecessor, the #Huawei #Nexus6P. It is said that the device saw better than usual growth in its first week of sale, while market share figures were better as well. The

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T-Mobile offering 50% off on the Google Pixel

If you’re planning to get either one of the #Pixel phones from #Google, T-Mobile has an exciting little promotion for you. The carrier is offering 50% off on either the Pixel or the Pixel XL if you sign up with its unlimited data plans. This is an enticing offer for many considering that most smartphone

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Google Pixel gets a favorable repairability score, kind of

#Google went the unexpected way with the new #Pixel phones. Trusting #HTC with the hardware was not exactly a gamble given that the company is synonymous with quality and high-end products. It seems like the company’s decision has come in handy as the folks at iFixit have given the Google Pixel a decent score in

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Good news: Google Pixel phones come with an unlocked bootloader

With the #GooglePixel phones almost ready to storm the markets, some customers were wondering whether it will be as developer friendly as the Nexus phones of the past. Well, the answer is yes, with Google officially confirming that the handsets will have an unlockable bootloader by default. Here’s what Google had to say in its