Amazon adds ‘Family Vault’ to Prime Photos

In a bid to become more competitive compared to rival photo sharing sites, #Amazon has added a new “Family Vault” feature to Prime Photos. This is basically an extensive photo/video sharing feature that lets Prime users invite up to five friends or relatives to collaborate/view your photo library. The members you add don’t have to

Google Photos

Google Photos supposedly has 200 million active users

#GooglePhotos is one of my favorite cloud services for backing up photos and videos taken natively. It seems like there are about 200 million people like me with Google today making the announcement of the service breaching the 200 million active user count. It’s quite a milestone, no doubt, but far from satisfying for Google, considering

Google Photos

Google Photos shortcut can now be added on Google Photos app

An update to #GooglePhotos has introduced the ability to add a shortcut button within #GoogleCamera. This acts as an alternative to the image preview button that is available on the bottom right corner of the camera UI. But this new shortcut can also be moved around the screen and placed anywhere. Functionality wise though, it’s not really

New Google Photos update brings Shared Albums

An update to #GooglePhotos has introduced a nifty feature called shared albums which lets users create albums that can be accessed by others and even offer them the ability to add images or videos. This is a long overdue feature as Photos only offered the ability to share images or albums individually. This feature has

Google Photos

New Google Photos update lets you free up space on your device

#Google is now sending out an update to #GooglePhotos on #Android allowing users to free up space on their devices. This feature will be visible in the Settings once the update has gone live and will prompt you to delete images and videos on your phone that have already been backed up to the cloud. If

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Update to Snapseed app on Android brings RAW image editing support

Google’s #Snapseed app for #Android is one of the highly rated photo editing applications on the platform. What makes it even better is the fact that it comes directly from #Google, which means the team behind it knows exactly what the Android users want. The application has now received a new update, which finally brings


Instagram v6.0 brings improved photo editing features

Instagram has just posted the version 6.0 update for the Android app with some much needed features in tow. In addition to improving several existing features, the developers have also added some more editing features such as the ability to adjust brightness, contrast and the filter strength. The update is being rolled out in batches

nexus 4

How to Delete Nexus 4 Auto Backup Photos

Some Nexus 4 users have been asking how to delete the pictures stored under their auto backup. According to them, they can delete the photos under the Camera option but the ones stored under their back up can’t be erased since there is no option that provides such function. After doing some research on numerous

Google merges Photos and Drive

Google is on a spree to merge many services into one and is planning to do so by consolidating the quantity of storage it offers across all services by merging into Google Drive. When Google launched GMail, it was an email service which offered a lot more free storage when compared to competing email services

Protect Your Photos On Your Android Phone With These Apps

Yesterday we brought you the story that was breaking across the internet in regards to Android phones allowing access to your photos from apps. You can see the whole story here, but the jist of it is that like computers, your photos are stored locally on your “hard drive” and of course apps could access

App Spotlight: Postcard On The Run

Everyone loves going on vacation, right? Right! From creating memories to simply enjoying the food from another culture, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share the experiences you are having with others? With Postcard On The Run anyone can do this in a more personal and interesting way than just saving photos for