How to add text to a picture

There are a lot of ways in adding text to a picture but in this post, we’ll only be doing it on an Android device using free services. Of course, since we’re talking about editing a photo using a phone, we should be using applications and there are just a couple of apps I want

Aviary, a photo editor for Android

All Android smartphones come with a camera, and it’s a good hardware feature. The phone camera’s output quality may not be comparable to DSLR’s output, however, you cannot pull out your DSLR for every interesting moment you see, nor is it comfortable to carry it around everywhere. A phone camera is practical, so how about

Samsung Galaxy S II Spotlight: Photo Editor

You’ve probably noticed by now that the Android manufacturers are working diligently on putting the best possible cameras into Android devices.  T-Mobile and HTC did it with the MyTouch 4G Slide and now Samsung has done it with the Samsung Galaxy S II. The Samsung Galaxy S II sports an 8 mega pixel camera with