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Divvy the photo aggregater app

Divvy is a new app that aggregates all of your photos from your various social networks and streams them all in one easy to manage place where you can view them. The app also allows you to save photos from Instagram, zoom in and share with a group of individuals. When you save an image

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Leak Photo, Specs & Features

Aaaand the cat is finally completely out of the bag. Or so it seems. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, spotted getting Bluetooth and FCC certification not long ago, has been allegedly leaked by Sam Mobile earlier today. And when I say it was leaked, I mean a good old-fashioned kind of leak, blurry photo

App Spotlight: QuickPic

People love taking pictures no matter the occasion. Therefore, there are many apps out there tailored to help the would-be photographer inside us. They come in all shapes and sizes whether they’re camera apps, editing apps, sharing apps, or in this case, an app that helps the user view their prized photos. It’s called QuickPic,

App Spotlight: Flickr for Android

For a while now to upload a photo to Flickr Android users would have to use a third-party app. However, Yahoo Inc. has finally decided to give what many people have asked for, a Flickr app for Android. The app allows the user to upload from two different sources, the gallery or a freshly taken

App Spotlight: Pixlr-o-matic

Styles are cyclical, what was once old and lame is now considered retro and cool. With that in mind, Autodesk Inc. released an app called Pixlr-o-matic. It’s a photo editor that can take brand new photos and give them that vintage look. The app is quite a bit of fun to play with. The photographer

Nikon Has A New Camera Coming

Nikon is introducing a brand new camera to their line up on Wednesday at noon eastern time. They haven’t said what this new camera will be. We don’t know if it will be one for their point and shoot or “cool pix” line or a new form of DSLR. Nikon seems to have an enormous

More Pics of the Droid Bionic Surface, 3D Blur & More

The Droid Bionic has been an on again off again device from Motorola. At one one point and time it was considered cancelled and that was followed by Motorola saying that it would be delayed but we would be seeing it at some point. Well the day seems to be getting closer and closer as

Upcoming myTouch 4G Slide Caught In The Wild

Well, thanks to Boy Genius Report we now have some pictures of the upcoming myTouch 4G Slide and while they may not be the best as far as pics go at least they are something. From the pictures that were obtained we an see that the Slide will feature the usual 4 row QWERTY keyboard,

Accessories Now Starting To Show Up At Big Red

Verizon Wireless has been on a roll so far this year with Android devices and with the this upcoming Thursdays device releases it is no wonder that the Big Red is sitting on their Android throne this year, at least so far. We have some new pictures regarding accessories for upcoming devices like the Sony

LG Revolution Already Showing Up At Big Red Stores

The upcoming LG Revolution is big news in the Android community at the moment. It will be the first device to feature Netflix along with having a whole bunch of other goodies available. It is due to hit Verizon this upcoming Thursday, May 26th. Make sure to mark that day on your calendars and be there early because I am sure

PayPal Updated, Scan Checks Using Your Camera

If you are like me and many others, PayPal is a life saver and their application for Android is pretty nice. Recently, PayPal has updated their application and added a new feature for us PayPal users. Right now there are many options available within PayPal, buy from almost anywhere, send money, receive money, view balances, and many

Samsung “Hawk” Flying Into T-Mobile June 8th

June 8th may be a great day in Android device launches and we may see three of these devices launched on T-Mobile during this time period. The one device that falls on June 8th is the Samsung Exhibit once known under the code name Hawk, and it will be falling right in between the launch