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Nokia Unveils World’s First Phone With a WhatsApp Button

Nokia’s new phone the ‘Asha 210’ smartphone is the worlds first phone to have a dedicated WhatsApp button. Nokia announced that the Asha 210 will be a low-budget phone costing only $72 the phone will support WI-FI, a 2G Connection and it has the added bonus of a dedicated WhatsApp button. WhatsApp released the figures earlier

Asus unveils Padfone Infinity

ASUS is pretty much of a household name now. They have made several powerful devices and are known for making quality devices of which the most notable being Google’s Nexus 7. Mobile World Congress 2013 is taking place in Barcelona this week and we have a lot of interesting news to cover from variety of

Nokia launches 114 budget phone

Nokia used to be the king of smartphone industry, but in the past few years, things haven’t been exactly good for the company. Nokia has lost its place in the smartphone industry and in US, they have lost it completely. The Lumia range running Windows Phone 7 did pretty well initially, and Nokia gained a

Samsung SCH-W2013 flip phone revealed, price starts at $2900

South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, recently revealed the new Samsung SCH-W2013 flip phone that comes with a really expensive price tag of $3000. While the company didn’t provide information as to when this device would start selling, it is expected that Chinese flip phone fans are the first ones to own it. Being sold at an

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet reportedly slated for January 2013 release

Software giant Microsoft has just acquired another windfall following the successful debut of its new system, Windows 8, and first hardware entry, Surface RT, late last month. Surface RT tablet has just attained a huge backer in the person of the legendary philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey. Outlined among other things in the official list of “Oprah’s

Huawei Ascend W1 specs and photos, leaked

A user in one of the forums based in China has leaked the purported photos of the rumored Huawei Ascend W1 on Sunday, October 14th. Though the photos looked legit, they came as no surprise as this is not the first time we’ve heard about it. The rumor about W1 actually started about a month

Samsung Galaxy Note To Come In Pink Too

We know how everyone loves a white phone, well apparently everyone loves a pink phone as well. Samsung is hoping with their huge Superbowl push and their co-op advertising with Best Buy that the 5.3″ phoneblet will be a winner in every household. With it’s pricing at just $299 on a new two year agreement