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Samsung Galaxy A9 phablet leaks out with a 4,000 mAh battery

The #Samsung #GalaxyA9 phablet has leaked out before as a bigger version of the Galaxy A8 that was released not too long ago. A newer leak is now reaffirming what we partially knew, while also confirming the existence of a massively sized 4,000 mAh battery onboard. The device is supposedly packing a 6 inch 1080p display

LG G Pro 2 Lite for Verizon makes its way to the FCC

A new FCC listing has revealed the existence of the LG G Pro 2 Lite with support for Verizon’s network bands, hinting at an imminent release. As the name probably indicates, the smartphone will be a midrange offering with a similar appearance as the bigger G Pro 2 phablet, but packing a slightly under powered

Samsung executive claims the company will launch more phablets in 2014

Speaking at the company’s quarterly earnings call, the Executive Director of Samsung, Hyunjoon Kim claimed that the market should expect more tablet sized smartphones (like the Galaxy Mega series) in 2014. So we should expect more 6 inch+ devices from Samsung this year, which are mostly tablets but also function as smartphones. The Galaxy Mega 6.3 was

US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to arrive in October

The US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available this coming October, according to an announcement from the company today. US Cellular will join the major phone makers in the United States in offering the newly-unveiled Samsung phablet. Specifications The US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a 5.7 inch 1920 x 1080 Super


Samsung Galaxy Mega render leaked on AT&T

  The Galaxy Note line already solidified the phablet line of devices for Samsung, but the company decided with the recent hype on even bigger devices they would launch the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega, making the Galaxy Note look minuet. Oddly this was not a high-end device, with the Galaxy Mega coming with a 720p display,


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 exposed internals leak

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has appeared in another leak, this time the photo is exposing its internals and showing what appears to be a very rectangular phablet with small corners. Samsung has done this sneaky tactic before however and we believe the Galaxy Note 3 will be shaped similar to the Galaxy S4 and

LG Optimus Vu Has Apparently Sold 1 Million Units

The LG Optimus Vu is a little known handset, especially after the Galaxy Note took the world by storm in 2011. Interestingly, the device is also a phablet and features a slightly smaller display with a rather strange aspect ratio (4:3). The device packs all the goodies/bloatware that come with an LG device, and wasn’t

LG to Focus on Smartphones and Phablets Development

LG will try to focus its efforts on developing smartphones and phablets and put on hold the development of tablets that can contend with Apple’s widely-popular iPad. In particular, it will concentrate on its line of Android smartphones called Optimus. LG had previously held the number 3 spot in the list of top phone makers,